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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Happy Sukkot from New Orleans! - 10/19 10:46 PM

On Monday night, Chabad House in New Orleans opened for the first time. I was not there, but my parents were in town. They built their Sukkah in the yard of their house, put up the large "Happy Sukkot" sign on their gate and arranged for people to stay with them, and in our house, for the holiday.
On Monday, my father was not sure whether there would be ten men for the Minyan on the holiday of Sukkot. He was pretty sure about nine, but was worried about the tenth. In fact, Monday night saw 36 people in the Sukkah, for Sukkot dinner. Members of several synagogues, as well as FEMA workers and others in town for contstruction and clean up, joined my parents, and their family for the Holiday.
My sister, Devora (who has been volunteering with processing some of the contributions that have been coming in,) said the following. "When I was in Shul on Tuesday morning, and I looked around the room and saw that more than 20 Jews were singing Hallel, in New Orleans, I..." She did not finish the sentence, but I could imagine what she was saying. Thank G-d that we are able to say that New Orleans is celebrating Sukkot.
On Tuesday afternoon, a women walked into the Sukkah, with a loud Good Tom Tov! It seems that her daughter (a former student at Tulane, who used to come to Shabbat dinners at Chabad House,) was in New Orleans, and she flew down to help her daughter clean up. A friend had mentioned a "Happy Sukkot" sign on Broadway, and she came to see for herself.
The Rebbe always taught that the Shluchim must be there to serve their communities, even if only one person needs their help. Thank G-d, there are many more than one person in need of Jewish life in New Orleans.
Happy Sukkot!

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