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Thursday, September 08, 2005


Using the Chabad Network 9/8 10:45

Since we arrived in New York, we have been trying to coordinate our relief effort. Our huge advantage is the fact that we are connected to over 1000 centers across the country so we can help evacuees from Seattle to South Carolina. We contact the local Chabad in the area, and the local Rabbi provides assistance, which we try to pay for out of our fund. In areas like Houston, where thousands of evacuees have arrived, the local Chabad has its own fund, and is being swamped with requests. My brother, Mendel, is updating the Houston effort. They are really amazing there.
One of the things that we are doing is facilitating adopt-a-family. Communities are assuming responsibility for housing and finding employment for a Jewish family that was displaced by Katrina. It is a great Mitzvah!

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