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Thursday, September 01, 2005


Some News about Families in the community 9/1 3:07 PM

Yochanan Posting:
I have heard from some people, and I know that people are checking, so I'll post it here.
The Stross's are in Northeast Texas staying with a friend.
The Schreibers were in Lafayette, and I think that they are moving on to Houston. The Kehaty's are in Memphis, they are not sure where Tal Or's wedding will be.
Ari and Nerissa Cohen and kids are fine, they will be in Seattle.
Lonnie Schaeffer and family made it out on Tuesday, and they are getting Memphis.
Jon Powell is in Pensacola.
The Kaufmann's are in Dallas.
Karen Remer and kids were out of town, they are staying in Northern Virginia right now, Gary is there now as well.
The Lews are in Houston.
Any info on anyone else would be very appreciated.

This is some Schreiber- Ron Shapiro is with us in Lafayette.
This is Dan Fertel. Marcy and I are in Lafayette area staying temporarily with my cousins in Opelousas. We are planning to be here only another week or two and may move on to Marcy's daughter who is in Texas or her sister or brother in New Jersey or Ohio Our plans what been changing daily
Wer can be reached by or
Monica, Molly, and Kenneth Hoffman are safe in Baton Rouge. We do not currently have phone service, but if anyone is in BR and needs help, call Beth Shalom (225)924-6773.
I live in austin tx. I just sent a email if someone needs a place to stay that has ended up in one of the tx cities. I hope someone will get back to me
This is Rachelle Maier. I live in Memphis with my husband Eddie. If anybody needs a place to stay, you can contact us at home 901-309-1217 or on my cell 901-277-7479.
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