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Thursday, September 08, 2005


New Orleans Rescues 9/8 9:58 PM

Sarah and I have not posted for a while, because we were driving up to New York, and then we went full force into the relief effort.

Here is what has been going on.
On Sunday night, we managed to insert a rescue team into the area, so that we could get to all the people that are still stuck in there. A problem that they encounter is that people sometimes don't want to leave. They feel that they survived the storm and survived the flood, so they may as well stick it out. They don't understand the health hazards in the city right now. Many need to be visited time after time, by different rescuers, before they are convinced.
Another problem is communications. Cellphones still can't receive calls in the area most of the time, so we have to wait until the team calls us, so we can get them information.
A frustrating story from yesterday, and also a heartrending one. We received a web request to rescue a woman who was in the area, with an 11 yr. old daughter. With the team facing curfew, we decided to prioritize that mission, because of the child involved. But, when the team arrived, the woman refused to leave, because she was missing a three yr. old, and was still hoping to find him. Tragic.
But, the rescue team has also done some great things. We really appreciate all the support we received across the country, which enabled us to launch this effort.

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