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Friday, September 02, 2005


More people we have heard from Friday, September 2

I will be creating a seperate page for this info after Shabbat
Merlin families
Danny Kupersmith
Shawn MIrpuri
Eileen and Dana Wallen
Galen Family
Baum Family
Roselle Ungar
Henry and Eva Galler
Tolmas Family
Berman Family
Claire and Manny Renov
Alexis Kaplan
Tienna Bryzki
Pershell Family
Mark and Tracy Rubenstein
Benny and Efraim Naghi

looking for elliott family
please post an email address to which people can write from the web site.

both if a person needs help and if someone is found

also, if people want to take in people.

I cant find an email address...

In Katrina’s path: Reported safe has been posting the names of those who wish to let loved ones know they are alright after the storm
I still have not heard from my father, Dr. Michael Jacob Hirsch (Mikawyel Yaacov ben Dvora) since Monday morning. He lives at 4534 S. Tonti (SE corner of Cadiz St.). He may still be there or he may have been evacuated but I have not received a phone call yet.

--Bernie Hirsch
Rivkins, please contact Bernie Hirsch immediately.
I mailed a check for a significant amount last wednesady to the Clifton N.J. adress posted. My friends from Chabad N.O. who live here in Brooklyn expressed suprise and told me chechks should be mailed to 770. Should I stop the checK? Best wishes for hatzlocho, yeshua and Moshiach Now
attn: Rebbetzin Rivkin
leah and artie farkas fromstaten island ny wish all our best in the coming days. we were in n.o. 4 weeks ago and attended the shul where rav mendel was rav. do you have any info on the wonderful doctor a pediatrician a man about 75. we spoke to him for a while and he struck us as being a tremendous person. we would like to know the status of the shul and the sifrei torahs etc. we wish you all the best.. artie and leah farkas
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