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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Mendel's Diary September 7 11:45 PM

It has been a while and much has happened in these last few days. Miraculously Chabad has been very effective at rescuing people that were still in New Orleans. That has been alot of the effort this week. We are also greeting the many Jews from our community that have come to Houston for the time being. We intend to create a little piece of New Orleans in Houston. Now that two of the five Shluchim families are in New York, they are getting invloved in helping to oversee the massive relief effort that we have launched with the help of Chabad HQ and many Chabad Shluchim in the USA. We have been invited by the Chabad of CA Telethon to particiapte and raise awareness for the relief fund there. So many Chabad communities and others have offered to adopt a family from New Orleans, it as been very heartwarming to continue seeing the caring and love of the Jewish community. We are planning some special Rosh Hashanah programs for New Orleans Jews in several places. Stay tuned for more info. People are getting settled. Children have started school. But New Orleans is sorely missed. We heard good news today. Torah Academy School Board president Morris Kahn toured the premises and reports that there was very little damage to the facility. So all of the hard work this summer was not a waste. It is very important that we stay in touch with each other. I am in the process of finishing our database of families and contact info. A comprehensive list is also available from the New Orleans Federation site There is alot to tell and I will try to write more often.


I reached your website as I was searching for news about my friends, Henry and Eva Galler. They were my support system when I lived in New Orleans, and I would love to do something for them -- even though I now live in Jerusalem.

If there is anyone who can tell me how I can reach them, I would very much appreciate. From Israel, I don't seem to be able to get in touch with them.

Blessings to all who were able to find shelter, special thoughts to the family of Rabbi Rifkin. I have fond memories of you all.

-- Miriam Fleer-Hirschfeld
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