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Saturday, September 10, 2005


Jackson Outreach 9/10 11:45 PM

More from Mississippi:
On Friday, we spent our time meeting with Rabbis and community leaders in Jackson. One of the people with whom we met was hosting a New Orleans relative, who had evacuated the storm. We had a warm conversation with him about faith and he talked about this experience being a spiritual awakening for him.
We also distributed our Kosher self heating meals to several people. They are really popular!
Many of the New Orleans evacuees had names of loved ones that they were worried about. They wanted us to help them locate people. We are including those names in our report tonight to Lubavitch World Headquarters, and we hope that these people will be located soon.
On Sunday morning, we are headed to Biloxi. We hope that we will have a safe and productive trip.

Message to Malkie Rivkin: I'm thinking of you constantly. What can I do to help? As I read this blog I am overwhelmed by the amazing attitude you guys have. Lots of love, Ayelet
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