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Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Houston Chabad 9/20 3:45 PM

Chabad in Houston has really confronted the challenge of dealing with thousands of Jewish evacuees, among the hundreds of thousands of New Orleanians that have evacuated to the area.
One of the things that they managed to organize is providing apartments for several families that were displaced by the storm. But, in typical Chabad fashion, they went the extra mile, providing food, furniture and love to the families.
Here is an email received by Rabbi Lazaroff from one of those families:

I am overwhelmed by the care, kindness and love that has been shown by all of you here in Houston to the New Orleans families.
[My husband] and I moved into our apartment last night. It was like a treasure hunt. As I opened cabinets and drawers and closets,all kinds of thoughtful surprises awaited us. The comfortable,brand new beds felt just like home. Linens, towels, pillows, blankets were available as needed. Toiletries, basic foods for meal preparation allowed us to sit in our completely Kosher kitchen and have a simple meal together. There is an entire side room filled with food and supplies as more families arrive.
"Many waters cannot extinguish the love..." Many waters cannot wash away the Ahavas Yisroel that Jews have shown to their brothers and sisters. This experience has inspired me to be more conscious of making Ahavas Yisroel the compass that guides every decision.
Wishing all of you a sweet,good year and may Hashem bless y'all that you should always be able to give, not to receive.

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