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Friday, September 09, 2005


The Baton Rouge guys. 9/9 3:22 PM

The guys that we have in Baton Rouge are doing a great job
Ordinarily, Baton Rouge is a small Jewish community (about 1500 people.) Right now, they are doing a phenomenal job in helping hundreds of Jewish refugees find temporary, and in some cases, semi-permanent, housing.
See the story here.
Chabad originally sent people down to B.R. to provide logisitics for the rescue teams. But, before they left, they decided to take a few thousand self-heating, refrigeration free Kosher meals. (Sounds scary but the food actually tastes really good, and it heats itself up. You just open the package and, in a few minutes, you have a hot meal.) They have been giving them out at the shelters. This morning, one of the Yeshiva students told me that FEMA called them last night. It seems that some of the FEMA workers are Jewish, and they heard that Chabad had hot Kosher food. Of course, we were happy to provide some food, and we did not even make them fill out eight pages of online forms :-)
Tonight, they are having a Shabbat dinner for the rescue team, and for any other Jew interested in a Shabbat dinner in Baton Rouge

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