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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Rabbi Nemes is Still Safe! 8/31 8:13 AM

We just had a bit of good news. Rabbi Nemes (director of Chabad of Metairie) managed to reach his parents in New York, in a brief phone conversation. He is OK, but he is stuck in his home in Metairie (Jefferson Parish, )with water on the first floor. They have been on the second floor for two days, and they are still OK.
Rabbi Nemes stayed because he was contacted by a few people that were stuck in the city and were afraid to shelter in the Superdome. So, he and his family invited them into his home to ride out the storm. They are now 13 people on the second floor, waiting to be rescued. They are running our of drinking water, and cannot boil more, because the stove is on the first floor.
As soon as we get in touch with him, he will post some information on this site.

Where are the Kaufmanns?
Kaufmans are safe in Texas, Boruch Hashem. Eliyahu
We in Plano (north of Dallas) are thinking of all of you.

The Kaufmanns are in Dallas.

If you know of anyone from New Orleans who may be staying in our area, and needs anything, please let us know!

Sarah Alevsky
Chabad of Plano
New Orleans WWL-TV has a posting about disinfecting drinking water (

Disinfecting water when you can't boil it. 09:22 AM CDT on Wednesday, August 31, 2005 Associated Press

BATON ROUGE -- Health officials say people whose water pressure is low and can't boil their water should disinfect it with unscented liquid chlorine bleach or with iodine before putting it in their mouths.

Doctor Fred Cerise, the state health secretary, says that if the water is clear, mix one-eighth of a teaspoon of unscented liquidchlorine bleach into each gallon of water and let it stand for half an hour.


If the water is cloudy or colored, use one-quarter teaspoon of bleach.

Be sure to mix thoroughly.

If the chlorine taste is too strong, let it stand a few hours, or pour it from one clean container to another several times.


If the water is clear, mix five drops of common household tincture of iodine from the medicine cabinet or first aid package to each quart of clear water and let it stand for at least 30 minutes prior to consumption.

If the water is cloudy or colored, use 10 drops to each quart of water.

The water disinfectant notice will remain in effect until rescinded by an authorized representative of the Department of Health and Hospitals.
(Copyright 2005 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

My prayers for all affected.
-Steve Levine
Greenlwn, Long Island, NY
Guys, My mother and I are praying for safety of all the families. Please let me know (by e-mail) if there is anything I can do. Alex
Thank you for blogging - please keep it up as you are able. I have been viewing the 2 Louisiana Chabad sites since I heard Katrina crossed Florida into the gulf. I am not Lubavitch myself but B'H I have had help from the Rebbe, and the good people at Chabad of Binghamton NY, Monsey NY and Suffern NY. I gave tzadakah before the storm and will IM'H give more. Charity saves from death. ~ Yehudis
A friend, Chana (Jan), her husband Frank, and their kids last I heard were heading to memphis from NO. She teaches in the chabad school. Any chance anyone knows if they made it safely?

her friends are worried for them!

Does anyone know where Rabbi and Sarah Rivkin and their family are? Are they safe?

try calling the chabad reps in Memphis
I believe all the Rivkins are out, as well as the Kaufmans.

It's just the Nemes's that need our tefillot now. Hashem Yishmor aleihem.

I have to thank Chabad and the Nemes's, as my sister in law is with them.

Rachmiel Levy
Does anyone know anything more about the Nemes's,... They are in my Tefillot
Is there a number anyone knows to the Kaufmans in texas?
Hashem yishmor
We just heard from my sister-in-law, who is in the car with them, they are on the way to Memphis, and everyone is OK, BH!



As the world watches the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina we pray for the safety and welfare of all those affected by this disaster.
Here is the latest with regard to Chabad and the Shluchim in New Orleans.

Head Shliach Rabbi Zelig Rivkin, Rabbi Mendel Rivkin, Rabbi Dovid Kaufmann and their families have been safely evacuated to Texas. Rabbi Yochanon Rivkin, the Shliach to Tulane University and family are staying * Chabad-Lubavitch in Gainesville, FL where they have been working tirelessly connecting students, families and other resources for the victims and survivors of the hurricane.

After two days, Rabbi Yossi Nemes of Metairie, LA, who had stayed behind with his family and some visitors has managed to leave his flooded home and is en route to Memphis, Tennessee.

The condition of the Chabad House is unknown at this time but with 80% of the city flooded things do not look too good.

Tonight Rabbi Yochanon Rivkin will be leading a prayer service * the Lubavitch Jewish Center in Gainesville.
From talking to Schliachs in Texas. Many folks have headed to Houston. The local community may need some finacial support to help famalies. It may be months before people can return toNew Orleans and the surounding area.
R' Kaufman can be reached at
any word on the people from Kosher Cajun Deli?
Joel and Natalie Brown (kosher Cajun) are safe in Memphis
How can I reach David Kaufmann.
I have sent $ to the relief fund.

Ann Julius ( mother of Cara Julius)
I have a place in New Jersey, and a very small place in New york.'m, Dir. of ADMISSIONS in a Nursing Home in N.Y. (212) 870-5745
(917) 334-0919
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