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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Rabbi Nemes is on His Way Out 8/31 6:17 PM

We are definite that Rabbi Nemes has made it out of New Orleans, and he is on his way to Memphis, Tennesee . Thank G-d!
Tonight, Rabbi Goldman has organized a prayer service at Chabad House here for Sarah and I to lead. We expect over 200 students to participate.

Thank G-d! Thanks for the news.
We would like to host a family from New Orleans. We live within walking distance to the Chabad Shul in Dallas, Texas, and have plenty of kosher food. Please contact us at
Thank G-d the Rabbi is safe, and that so many were able to leave before this catastrophe hit. I am in suburban Chicago, and wonder if you are taking clothing? If so, I will approach my nearby Chabad and see if arrangements can be made......
We live in NJ. It is far but if a Jewish family or couple can get here, they have a home in my home. Please email at
Thank G-d that he got out. But how???

I can host someone in my house -- we will be in the eruv this Shabbos but I can have them stay with the family we are with or with another in the south eruv in Dallas.

Please call me.

--Bernie 214-215-5196

Akiba Academy will let children go to school there. Torah Day School has made a similar offer to my niece and nephew.

But I am VERY WORRIED about my father -- can you help?
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