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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Mendel Rivkin's diary

August 30 - 11:30 PM

After a grueling 12 hour trip we just arrived in Houston. We left this morning after the radio was reporting about the breach in the levee. There were 13 of us in three cars and we managed to find roads that were passable. After getting gas in Morgan City we came to Lafayette where the Aviner family graciously set up a little satellite community. The Schreiber family and several others were there. We spent 3-4 hours getting our bearings and then left to Houston. We are still very concerned about the people with which we have not had contact. Our phones are working on a very limited basis but we are trying to locate people. As news of people being safe come in the relief is great. Back home it is an unbelievable sight. Just in the Chabad House/Tulane area, though the flooding was not that bad (when we left) the downed trees and power lines and the debris completely cover the streets. Chimeneys fell. Pieces of roofs are off. Siding and gutters litter the yards. Gates are down. My car's back window was smashed by a piece of debris that fell off a roof on Broadway. This all pales in comparison to what we are hearing from Metairie and other areas. As we left New Orleans we felt like real refugees. We do not know when and how we will return. But we do know that we will be back to rebuild with G-d's help. Chabad is committed to being a presence in the New Orleans area during the upcoming trying times and a we will be a force in the rebuilding efforts.


I'm happy to hear you and your family are safe. Please let us know if there is anything we can do from Baltimore.

Jeff Teles
Dear Rav Mendel,

My wife Chana and our family send our love, tefillos and Brachos to you and all of the Yidden affected by this terrible disaster.

May Ha Kadosh Baruchu give you and your community the strength and hatzlacha to rebuild your lives speedily and smoothly.

Shefa, Bracha V'Hatzlacha,

Moshe Yitzchak Eliyahu Elias
Monsey, NY
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