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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Mendel Rivkin's diary 8/31 11:40 PM

The Chabad of Houston community has thrown open their doors widely. It is amazing to see what we preach about Ahavat Yisrael and loving your fellow Jew as yourself in action. The Chabad staff here has been inundated with calls and emails offerring to host people and give food. They are even talking about taking kids in to their Torah Day School tuition free for the few months until New Orleans is operable again. The Chabad Centers in the vincinity of the evacuation areas are also extending a welcome to members of our New Orleans Jewish community. We are already in discussion about practical methods of setting up shop to continue our work in Louisiana and the overwhelming support we have received from our colleagues, the Rebbe's emmissaries all over the country and the world brings tears to my eyes. The love and brotherhood and feeling of real family is strongly sensed now. The support and concern from the many Jews, some of whom we know and many that we do not, is both comforting and amazing. We are starting to hear from New Orleans people that are scattered and exiled all over. As we think and reflect about the great tragedy that is still very much in motion and will continue to impact over a million people in a very real and direct way, we must also see the love and the beauty of Klal Yisrael. I always knew it but now I experience it firsthand.

Mendel! I'm so glad everyone is OK. I, obvously, could not get through. Please send my wishes to your family. Please e-mail us at
Best Wishes!
Shane Cohen
Mendel, this is the Schreiber family-We are so happy Boruch Hashem that all the families we know got out safely. With Hashem's help Moshiach will come and we will rebuild.
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